Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is Nicki The Savior of Hip Hop?

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According to a news report by the AP, Nicki Minaj has revived the female voice in rap. Even though her first album “Pink Friday” doesn’t drop until November, she has managed to saturate all aspects of hip hop and the billboard charts. In the past year alone, She has broken the record for female rap artists that have had the most Billboard Hot 100 entries in a single year (11 total) and has been nominated for both MTV & BET Awards (which she won).

An MTV article piggy backs off of this report with an article titled “Nicki Minaj Is Hot..But Just How Hot?” and some critics main concern is whether Nicki Minaj will make more records catered to her core “hip hop” audience versus crossover hits.
“Nicki’s flow is so creative that you can count on her delivering at least a few instant, easy-to-remember quotables, which is the key to having a successful verse on a pop or R&B song,” says Brendan Frederick, Deputy Editor at Complex Magazine. “[But] now she needs to drop a few hardcore records for the hip-hop base- like ‘I Get Crazy’ or ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’ from last year- and her buzz will definitely reach critical mass.”
Do you agree? Check out this video report with commentary from Ludacris & Queen Latifah


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