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Ludaday Weekend 2010 - ATLANTA, GA SEPT 2-6, 2010

Ludaday Weekend 2010 - Click here for more info.....

Managing Credit: Keeping Students Out of Credit Trouble

Resources and expert strategies to help you boost, manage and protect your credit history

Provisions of the CARD Act are aimed at helping students avoid the trap of credit card debt.
Article Courtesy of blackenterprise.com

As students head off to college for the first time or prepare for their fall return, there’s one thing can be certain will be absent from campus this year; solicitation from credit card issuers. The final components of the White House’s “CARD Act” took effect last Wednesday. Major portions of this installment of legislation focuses squarely on protecting college age students from incurring massive amounts of credit card debt and ruining their credit score.

Aside from educating students about credit and debt, some expect the legislation to help curb student debt.

“There’s a disconnect [among] students with how their actions today will have long lasting effect on their future,” says Justin Draeger, president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). “Students are sometimes scrambling to try to meet financial needs and there’s a temptation to go to the easier from of credit available to them,” he adds.

Check out how the legislation will impact students:

No credit cards for minors. Minors must now have a parent or guardian present in order to apply for a credit card. Students under age 21 seeking a line of credit must prove they can afford to repay amounts borrowed by verifying income – or they will need a cosigner.

No unwanted solicitations. Even before hitting the age of 21, many young people, usually college students would receive dozens of emails and letters saying they qualify for a credit card. The legislation puts the kibosh on credit card companies soliciting students.
Limits to money borrowed. Students will now have a $500 credit limit or 20% of the student’s yearly income.
Curtailing college marketing. Credit card issuers are now required to file annual reports with the Federal Reserve detailing all business, marketing and promotional deals with colleges. This includes payments made to the school.

No more freebies. The law clamps down on freebie offers – pizzas, t-shirts, pens - if students sign up for credit cards on or near campus or at college-sponsored events. The Federal Reserve Board issued guidelines defining "near" campus as anything within 1,000 feet of the campus border.

More financial literacy. This is not a required part of the legislation, but the legislation recommends colleges provide credit card and debt education and counseling sessions as a regular part of orientation programs for new students.

Cee-Lo Explains Controversial "Fuck You" Song

Cee-Lo says "Fuck You" is a work of art and radio play for the song wasn't thought of until after the song was released.

Article Courtesy of hiphopdx.com Follow on Twitter @HipHopDX

It has only been a matter of days since singer/rapper Cee-Lo Green released the controversial track “Fuck You” and the song is still being widely talked about both on and off the Internet.

Cee-Lo recently spoke with the Associated Press about the song, which will be featured on his upcoming album The Lady Killer. In his interview with the AP, the Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley member explained that “Fuck You” is a work of art in his opinion.

"What I've tried to accomplish, like, is making art products ... so I still believe that (the song) can be classified as art because it's an original piece and the edge and alternative is there, and the integrity is intact," said Cee-Lo.

Man Tortured Girlfriend over Facebook Post

36-Year-Old Calif. Man Allegedly Imprisoned, Choked 23-Year-Old Girlfriend He Suspected of Cheating

(AP) U.S. authorities say a California man jealous over a message on his girlfriend's Facebook page tortured and imprisoned her for four days while their children were in the house.

Kings County sheriff's deputies arrested 36-year-old Anthony Lozano at his Hanford home over the weekend on suspicion of false imprisonment, kidnapping, torture and other charges.
Sheriff's Cmdr. Dave Putnam tells The Hanford Sentinel that Lozano accused the 23-year-old victim of having an affair after he saw the Facebook message.

Lozano is suspected of grabbing the woman's hair, dragging her and threatening to kill her before choking her with a rope and a towel.

Putnam said the couple's child and another child belonging to the victim were in the house at the time.

Lozano remained in Kings County custody Monday evening on $725,000 bail. It was unknown if he had an attorney.

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DJ B.BARNES presents "Remember The Time" (A Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape)

DJ B.BARNES presents Remember The Time (A Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape)

DJ B.BARNES released "Remember The Time" in honor of the King of Pop's Birthday on Sunday. I was able to get an exclusive listen and I love it! I am a big MJ fan so I was very happy to see a tribute in the way of music and most of all - for FREE.....

I was also able to grab DJ B.BARNES for a quick convo about the newest addition to the Fleet DJ Aficionado's vault of greats.....Check out what DJ B.BARNES had to say about this special Mixtape......

@MissNVNC: What made you decide to create this Mix?

@BBARNEStheDJ: It was one that I had been meaning to do. I did a similar impromptu mix at the radio station when I was at WXDU Durham and also for a Facebook Mid-day Mix that turned out well and so I kinda combined the idea....

@MissNVNC: How many tracks are on the mixtape?


@MissNVNC: Was it difficult to pick the songs that you wanted to use?

@BBARNEStheDJ: Umm nah....acutally I take that back it was difficult because when you have so many MJ favorites it gets difficult to fit all that on an 80 minute CD.....

@MissNVNC: What is your best MJ memory?

@BBARNEStheDJ: Hmm...My best MJ memory would have to be "Billie Jean" performance on Motown 25 when he did the MOONWALK ( Click here to see DJ B.BARNES' favorite MJ moment!! )....my whole family happened to be home and we watched it togeher....I will always remember that....I wanted to be just like him......greatness......
@MissNVNC: Do you remember the day that you heard the news about Michael's death?

@BBARNEStheDJ: Ahhh yea I actually do....I was taking a nap after work. My alarm went off it was the sound of the radio instead of a buzzer. Michael Jackson was playing...I thought nothing of it and just laid there and listened...they were playing songs back to back so I had a bad feeling that something happened. Since I fell asleep with my laptop on the bed.....not uncommon for me....I glanced at the screen and noticed that someone had posted MJ as their profile pic. I immediately went to yahoo, searched, and saw the news....I remember seeing pictures and on one it was a caption...I can't remember it exactly, but it said something about the "King of Pop" dying which had the internet goin crazy...

@MissNVNC: Ok...Chris Brown on the 2010 BET Awards….Real or Fake?

@BBARNEStheDJ: Definitely real....I gotta give it to my homie....you cant fake the "nose snot" (laughs)....he had all the ugly faces and everything. The performance was CRAZY!!....whoever assisted him in putting the show together really knew what they were doing. It was definitely a show that did many things...of course everyone wanted to see Chris Brown perform as MJ but also when he performed "Man in the Mirror" the words meant a lot to him on a personal level.

@MissNVNC: All time favorite Michael Jackson hit?

@BBARNEStheDJ: Oh my God yo....its impossible.....cuz Mike has a song for every possible mood or emotion that you could possibly have from your lowest of lows to your highest of highs.....it is impossible to have just one favorite MJ hit...well I don't anyway......

@MissNVNC: What do you think it was like to be Michael Jackson?

@BBARNEStheDJ: Oh my God I couldn't imagine....I wouldn't want to be Michael...he could literally say that he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and really mean it...it's true...he is that one figure/icon in the human race that everyone knows....from when he was "little Michael" and through all of his transitions...Michael was Michael and no one else could/will be that.....

@MissNVNC: What do you hope that people feel when they hear this Mix?

@BBARNEStheDJ: I hope they feel what I felt...I enjoyed making it. Like I said earlier, it is impossible to showcase his entire catalog, but hopefully I captured peoples' favorites.....

So there it is folks...straight from the DJ's mouth....we will be checking in with DJ B.BARNES again soon for more from the "Fleet DJ Aficionado" in the future so stay tuned....or logged...lol...
 Let me know what you think of the mix and/or feel free to share your answers to any of the questions!!

FREE DOWNLOAD---> DJ B.BARNES presents "Remember The Time" A Michael Jackson Tribute MixTape!

Special Shout Out and "Thanks" to DJ B.BARNES for letting me pick his brain!!! #salutethedj

Usher Added as Performer at 2010 VMAs

The 2010 MTV VMAs just got a dose of Raymond.

Article Courtesy of Rap-Up.com  - Follow on Twitter @RapUp

Usher, who released his new EP Versus earlier this week, is the latest artist to get added to the lineup at this year’s Video Music Awards, where he will grace the same stage as fellow performers Paramore, Drake, Kanye West, Eminem, Justin Bieber, B.o.B and Florence + the Machine. Ursh, who’s nominated for three awards for his clip for “OMG,” is making his first appearance on the VMA stage since he danced in the rain while performing “Yeah!” during the 2004 event.
“It is an honor to once again be a part of the MTV Video Music Awards,” said Usher in a statement. “I can’t wait to perform for my fans all around the world who have helped to make this album a success and my being here possible. You never know what’s gonna happen on an MTV VMA stage. … I look forward to making it a night to remember.”
Additionally, The Social Network stars Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield were added to the list of presenters, which already includes Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo and more. The show, hosted by comedienne Chelsea Handler, will be broadcast live from Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre on September 12 at 9 P.M.

HINNANT Killing the Competition in the NBA SPRITE SLAM DUNK SHOWDOWN

WILSON ("Wide-Awake") NC's own JAMES HINNANT, JR Needs Your Vote to Win!

From Philly, by way of Wilson NC, James Hinnant, Jr is heating things up with some crazy dunks! This kid is going places!

The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown hosted competitions in cities all over the country.....listed below are the winners from each location

Currently there are a total of 10 competitors from all over the US...the final competition will be held during the 2011 All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles in February. The contestants are as follows:

1. Kenny Dobbs - Phoenix, AZ
2. Dorian Smith - Denver, CO
3. Haneef Munir - Los Angeles, CA
4. Robert Alexander - Cleveland, OH
5. Darnell Hugee -New York, NY
6. James Hinnant Jr.-Philadelphia, PA <-------------Miss NV's pick! Vote for James!
7. Terrell Cournoyea - St. Paul, MN
8. Brandon LaCue - Dallas, TX
9. Issac White - UGC Winner
10. Justin Darlington - UGC Winner

Check out the videos below and cast your vote....vote as MANY times as you want! Check back later to see who the Top 4 Dunkers are that advance to the 2011 NBA All-Star in L.A.

James Hinnant, Jr Contestant #6 in the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Showcase - Click here to view video

Click here to see all 10 contestants' videos

As always.....share your comments

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Lauryn Hill Brings Out Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Swizz Beatz, John Legend & Jay-Z While Performing "Fu-Gee-La"!

Puts On A Show: Lauryn Hill Brings Out Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Swizz Beatz, John Legend & Jay-Z While Performing "Fu-Gee-La"!

video courtesy of worldstarhiphop.com  - Follow on Twitter @WorldStarHipHop

Lil Wayne Offers His US Open Tennis Picks To Sports Illustrated

In a letter to Sports Illustrated, Wayne makes his picks for the US Open

article courtesy of hiphopdx.com (Follow on Twitter @HipHopDX)

Anyone who knows of Lil Wayne's ESPN tattoo should have a good inkling that the Cash Money Records superstar loves sports. A couple years back in a blog for ESPN, the presently incarcerated emceee stated his sports loves included tennis. In anticipation for the upcoming US Open, Sports Illustrated's Bryan Graham sent Wayne some stationary and stamped envelopes and asked for his thoughts on the event.

Lil Wayne responded with this letter:

Black Rob Airs Out Diddy!

Whoa: Black Rob Airs Out Diddy! Says G-Dep Was His Artist And Diddy Stole Him + Much More "He Was Never My Mans"

Wow...or "Whoa" I guess I should say.....Black Rob tells it from his side in this video on worldstarhiphop.com.........I would love to hear Diddy's response!

Click here to see the video "Tell-All" from Black Rob

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Kat Stacks At It Again! Films Her & Soulja Boy At The Hotel Together

Kat Stacks At It Again! Films Her & Soulja Boy At The Hotel Together (Shows That Nose Candy & Calls Him A Coke Head)

MissNV Says: SMH....Wow...that is all I can say after seeing "Another one bite the dust" in the recent Internet scandal involving everyone's favorite "Skeeza" Kat Stacks. Of all the names that come to mind "Skeeza" was the nicest term I could think of as she is what they consider in the revenge business "next" lol)...but I digress....anyway if you haven't seen it already.....please watch and try to refrain from looking for her yourself....lol...
Video Courtesy of WorldStarHipHop (follow on Twitter @WorldStarHipHop)
Total Views : 1534838 | Video Added : 2010-08-24

As a female I was disgusted in the show she put on....sneaking around and talking s*** behind his back.....does she ever think how dumb she looks doing all this? Wow she has a lot of time on her hands and apparently anger in her heart about something (besides the obvious) I'm just sayin....people (male and female)really need to stop "messing" with people on this level....from 50 Cent to Karrine, and now this B**** (sorry ladies....I had to on this one) people are trying very hard to attack "off limits" areas on people with no regard....just remember....Karma is a bigger B**** than life is! Food for thought.....

My question to you.....if you were Soulja Boy.....what would you do now?

......follow me @MissNVNC on Twitter!!

Akon Sued for Backing Out of Belgium Concert

Akon Sued for Backing Out of Belgium Concert

article courtesy of Rap-Up.com Follow on Twitter @RapUp

Seems like Akon can never really catch a break when it comes to the law. The crooner has made headlines once again for failing to perform at a concert in Belgium last year.

The “Locked Up” singer is being sued by promotion agency Lofraco Belgium due to his cancellation of a show in October 2009. Akon reportedly missed the date because of “scheduling conflicts.” As a result of the Grammy-nominated artist being a no-show, Lofraco Belgium filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

The promotion agency claims to have paid Akon’s booking agents a total of $125,000. The suit reveals the singer pulled out of the show–featuring acts such as Kardinal Offishall and Colby O’Donis–just eight days prior to its commencement. In addition, Akon faces breach of contract, fraud and concealment charges. The plaintiff is suing for $250,000 in punitive damages and back expenses.

The Los Angeles Pot Clinic Crackdown

The City's Crackdown on Pot Shops 

 "Purple OG" marijuana at a collective in Woodland Hills on Aug. 26, 2009. (Hans Gutknecht/Staff Photographer)

Article Courtesy of the LA Daily News

Los Angeles' booming cottage industry of medical marijuana vendors is mobilizing to fight the city's three-month crackdown that threatens to shutter hundreds of dispensaries.

Vendors say they're prepared to take their battle to court to fulfill the promise of Proposition 215 -- the 1996 voter-approved measure that legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Attorney Stewart Richlin, who represents more than 100 dispensaries, said he believes dispensaries that have been or are about to be closed are entitled to monetary damages. An alternative would be a court injunction allowing them to reopen or stay open.

"State law (permits), without equivocation, the cultivation, transportation and distribution of medical marijuana," Richlin said, "and these cities now need to be forced by a judge and court to comply with the law.

"These are not criminals. They are patients and centers treating patients."

But city officials say they are pressing ahead with the crackdown launched in June, when regulators began reviewing applications for permits to operate the dispensaries.

They say a majority of the dispensaries are lucrative cash businesses that require customers to provide little or no proof of medical need. And because the dispensaries have mushroomed throughout the city, they are now attracting crime and violence.


City Councilman Dennis Zine noted that armed robbers are targeting the dispensaries, including a heist this month at a Woodland Hills clinic, where an operator was shot during a holdup.

"Police have now connected suspects to three robberies at (Valley) dispensaries," Zine said. "These have become attractive to robbers because there's a lot of cash transactions, and robbers figure they're easy hits."

Zine is on the council's Planning, Land Use and Management committee that has been overseeing the permit review. The committee has so far denied all of the three dozen or so applications.

"What was designed as a compassionate use act has been turned into a cash cow," he said. "The law has been abused by the greed of people there to make a quick buck."

Zine said officials intend to close down the hundreds of dispensaries that have sprung up -- often several within a few blocks -- and to leave in place only enough to serve the legitimate needs of patients.

Marc Kent, director of a clinic in Woodland Hills and a spokesman for a citywide coalition of dispensaries, said the clinics whose applications have been denied have simply followed the advice of city officials who informed them that filing an application would allow them to remain open.

According to Kent, the coalition intends to seek an injunction against the city to keep it from closing the medical marijuana clinics whose applications have been rejected.


Kent said his coalition is hiring a law firm to represent them. He said dispensary operators believe their due process rights were violated because they received short notice of the hearings and were given only a few minutes to make their case -- with city officials virtually spending no time weighing the testimony.

City Councilman Ed Reyes, who chairs the council's Planning, Land Use and Management committee, denied accusations that the dispensary applicants were railroaded.

State law requires only 72 hours notice to place items on an agenda, Reyes said, and officials carefully considered each application.



Most of the requests were denied because the dispensaries did not register with the city by the deadline in 2007. Once the requests are denied, the city can take legal steps to force the clinics to close.

Reyes said he intends to whittle away at the hardship exemption applications, holding hearings in the council on a dozen or more at a time.
In 2003, the state established legal protections for medical-marijuana users who were issued a doctor's prescription. By 2007, when Los Angeles had almost 200 dispensaries permitted under state law, the City Attorney's Office issued a moratorium to block new establishments until the city adopted a new ordinance.

Since then, 533 other dispensaries have opened without getting full authorization from the city by using a "hardship exemption" loophole. In all, according to industry and city estimates, the number of dispensaries in Los Angeles total about 800. By comparison, San Francisco has only about 30 dispensaries.

Among the San Fernando Valley dispensaries whose applications were denied were Aloha Spirit Organic Consumables in Reseda, West Coast Holistic Institute in Canoga Park, The Grasshopper 215 in Woodland Hills, and Hope Collective in Winnetka.

None of the applications considered since June have been approved.

JJ Popowich, president of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council, applauded the rejection of the Hope Collective in Winnetka, which had worked to shut it down.

"It's closed and boarded up," Popowich said. "The kicker was location. It was next to a liquor store and right around the corner from a topless bar and less than two blocks away from a school."

Officials said it is unknown how many of the dispensaries are considered to be operating legitimately but added most operate in violation of the moratorium.

Amy Weiss of Sherman Oaks, owner of the Buds on Melrose clinic in Los Angeles, disagrees.

"We are going to fight back because we've followed all the guidelines, everything (we're) supposed to do, but the city has failed to give us due process," Weiss said.


Medical Marijuana over the past year in Cali
  • Jul 18: Oakland pot-growing plan worries small bud tenders
  • May 2: 2 Costa Mesa pot clinics file suit against city ban
  • Mar 2: Pot clinics challenge L.A. limits in lawsuit
  • Jan 13: Council begins to shape pot guidelines
  • Dec 16: City Council proposal would shut down nearly all pot clinics
  • Nov 24: Council debates medical marijuana guidelines
  • Nov 18: City Council calls for time on pot ruling
  • Oct 19: City's pot dispensary ban on hold, Feds: Medical marijuana prosecutions not a priority..New medical marijuana policy issued
  • Oct 15: 3 suspected of robbing L.A. pot dispensaries
  • Oct 9: LAPD plays waiting game on pot issue, Crackdown looming for pot dispensaries
  • Sep 24: District Court of Appeal could determine future of state's medical marijuana dispensaries, Four men arrested and fifth sought in marijuana-growing operation in Diamond Bar
  • Sep 17: Pot shops sprouting — and so are robberies
  • Aug 28: Police want public's help in solving pot-clinic heists

Los Angeles Marijuana Collective Association chairman Marc Kent photographed at a Woodland Hills marijuana collective on Aug. 26, 2009. (Hans Gutknecht/Staff Photographer)

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Keith Murray Talks Fight With Tupac, Smashing Bottle Over Dame Dash’s Head

Article Courtesy of ballerstatus.com

In the 1990s, Keith Murray was one of the hottest rappers to come out of Long Island, New York -- or Strong Island, as he calls it. While he's not the force today that he used to be, he's definitely recognized as an east coast vet.

The people over at RugahTV (Youtube.com/RugahTV) caught up with Keith somewhere in New York recently, where he offered some crazy stories in hip-hop history -- from fighting Tupac at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, crashing a car with Biggie, all the way to hitting Roc-A-Fella Records founder Damon Dash in the head with a bottle at a club.

Keith always keeps it real ... woah!

Click to see Keith Murray telling the story....

Michael Jordan’s Greatest Moments Wearing The Air Jordan 1

Michael Jordan’s Greatest Moments Wearing The Air Jordan 1

Article Courtesy of COMPLEX MAG - www.complex.com - Follow on Twitter - @ComplexMag

Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history. Duh. Some of us, though, know more about Jordan sneakers than we do about the man himself. To help get everything down in the digital sphere, Complex is going to take you on a multi-part series that breaks down his legacy by the shoes he wore on the court.

Let's kick it off with the Air Jordan 1, because, you know, it was first. Since its inception, over 90 colorways of the Air Jordan 1 have been released at the retail level. With the Foamposite 1s (excuse us, “Anodized/Armor”) on the way, we figured, why not start here? Sit back, click on, and take a look at Michael Jordan’s Greatest Moments Wearing the Air Jordan 1…

Click Here to see clips of MJ's greatest moments in the "Jordan 1" starting with #7.. - click the next arrow to countdown to the #1

What is your favorite MJ moment?

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Voyeur Cameras In Female Cops' Changing Room, Lawsuit Says

Lawsuit claims HCC (Houston Community College) had hidden cameras in the women's police locker rooms

​It's no secret that HCC and its police department are going through some tough times. Well, throw another log on the fire.

Two HCC employees have filed a lawsuit against the college claiming that officials authorized hidden cameras in a room used by female police officers to change in and out of their uniforms.

"The hidden cameras' location reveal the intention behind their installation was not security," the federal lawsuit states, "but fit more in line with spying for spying's sake or designed to please the prurient interest" of those watching and listening to the videos.

HCC security officer Alfreda Jones claims she found out that there was a camera hidden in an air vent in the Security and Campus Police Office on the Coleman campus, near Hermann Park, when someone working for a private security firm mistakenly showed up during the day to attend to the camera. Jones and HCC police officer Kimberly Mason say the office had lockers and was a private room often used to change clothes.
The two women apparently filed an open records request and discovered that the video camera in the security office was not the only one. They claim that others were concealed behind clocks and smoke detectors, in places such as over the restroom area of a lab, in the student services office, in the library, and at least two in or outside of the security office. Regular security monitors were visibly mounted in stairwells, the loading dock, the cashier's office and the parking lots, the HCC officers claim.

Jones and Mason believe the hidden cameras were used from 2005 to 2008, meaning, at the very least, it predates many of the other issues facing the HCC police department and may be unrelated.

Still, Jones and Mason claim that the hidden cameras were installed at the instruction of the director of maintenance with the approval of the vice-president of finance.

HCC spokesman Dan Arguijo did not respond to questions related to the accusations prior to publication, but in the past, the college has not commented on pending lawsuits.

Schools are planting gardens, thanks to Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" initiative to fight childhood obesity

USDA grants help plant seeds of good nutrition with school gardens
By Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY

Since first lady Michelle Obama planted a garden at the White House in the spring of 2009 and invited schoolchildren to help tend and harvest the produce, more school gardens have been sprouting up across the country.

Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announces it will award $1 million in grants for eligible high-poverty schools to start community gardens.

The goal: to teach students about gardening and nutrition and to provide fresh produce for school meals. Some of the harvest may also be given to students' families, as well as to local food banks and senior-center nutrition programs (www.fns.usda.gov).

Improving nutrition in schools is part of the first lady's Let's Move! initiative to fight childhood obesity.

OBAMA'S PROJECT: More on the Let's Move! campaign

SCHOOL LUNCHES: Chefs help make them healthier

LATEST NEWS: Keep up with fitness and nutrition developments

School gardens "give kids exposure to where food comes from and encourages them to try foods they might not otherwise try," says Kevin Concannon, USDA undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer services. They give teachers an opportunity to talk about soil, water, sun, health and science, and the gardens can be used for math and art programs, he says.

Concannon has visited school gardens from Maine to Missouri to California
When a second-grade girl took him on a tour of her elementary school's 2-acre garden in Riverside, Calif., she waxed eloquent about strawberries, he says, pointing out that they contain vitamin C. "This was music to my ears," he says.

Estimates suggest that about 15% to 20% of schools across the country have gardens, says Mike Metallo, president of the National Gardening Association, a non-profit group that provides gardeners and teachers with information and resources.
Since 1982, the gardening association has given out 9,310 grants and awards worth $3.7 million, reaching 1.4 million young gardeners, he says (kidsgardening.org).
"We've supported everything from small herb gardens at inner-city elementary schools to large, raised-bed vegetable gardens in middle schools," Metallo says.

The group is taking applications for its youth gardening programs, which are financed by corporations. "In most areas of the country, schools can do a spring garden and fall garden and get parents, kids and community volunteers to maintain them throughout the summer," Metallo says.

The gardening association also provides money for indoor gardening projects with light tables and curriculum, he says."It teaches students about roots and stems and the process that is going on. A lot of times, they can grow lettuce and herbs quite easily.

"Kids love to plant seeds. They love to watch them sprout and grow. It's magical."

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MISS Universe 2010 goes to MISS MEXICO

Miss Universe 2010 winner: Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete tops Miss Universe 2010 contestants......

The Miss Universe 2010 Pageant has been decided with a 22-year-old Mexican woman taking home the crown.
Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete, of Guadalajara, beat out 88 other women from six continents at the 59th annual pageant held in Las Vegas, broadcast live on NBC on Monday night.

Miss Jamaica Yendi Philipps took second place, Miss Australia Jenista Campbell took third, Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska got fourth, and Miss Philippines Venus Raj—the projected favorite coming into the competition—took fifth place.

Navarrete was the top scoring competitor in the evening gown component of the competition, and was the second-highest scorer in the swimsuit portion.

Judges asked Navarrete about the effect that the Internet has on young people and she said it is an indispensable tool.

Miss USA Rima Faikh, the first Muslim-American person to win the Miss USA competition, did not make it to the final round.

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez won the Miss Universe 2009 contest.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lady Gaga's Twitter Reign Shall Bring Soft Cuticles for Everyone!

E! online Video Report on the newly crowned Twitter Queen!!_

Click here to View The Inaugural Message from TWEEN GAGA!
Move over, Britney Spears. And don't make us laugh, Ashton Kutcher. Twitter has a new queen and her reign will be fabulous.Over the weekend, Lady Gaga got a considerable bump to her already noble title, usurping Brit (and long since leaving aplusk in the dust) after amassing a whopping 5,741,450 and counting followers.Long live the queen Tween! But what good is a monarch without a few fast and loose edicts? Luckily, Gaga's are all good…
"I wanted to thank all my beautiful little monsters for following me," she said in her inauguration video (technically, coronation, but one doesn't correct the queen, does one?) thanking her fans for making her the No. 1 celebrity tweeter."Thank you for beginning my reign as Twitter queen. May you always have soft cuticles while tweeting, may you never have carpal tunnel."
Forget pronouncements about cake eating, these are the kinds of dictum's we can get behind."I vow to never partake in celebrity online shenanigans. And I vow to always tweet and tweet again," she said.
And, by the looks of things, she also vows to eat any Twitter birds that don't fly away as and when she tells them. So take note, fail whale. You've been warned.
Read more:

Fantasia Said Overdose Was No Accident - Makes Statement

Article Courtesy of Ballerific News -Click here for more from Baller Alert

MissNV SaysBefore reading this article take some time to think how hard life is...for us all....we often put celebrities in boxes....we like to open them and pull out what we want. This woman has been through a lot in the public eye......she has always remained honest and open with us and that should be recognized also.
Also be mindful of the impression you leave with others.....do you make others' lives harder? Take the time to think before speaking and doing.....you never know what people are going through even when they seem like everything is "all good"....people are carrying around burdens of their own as well as the burdens of others sometimes so be a little more patient, empathetic and self-less in your dealings with ALL people....plus this day and age....you never know who you may need in the future...everyone has their struggles and triumphs...."Sometimes you are the Statue and Sometimes you are the Pigeon!" Stay Focused on the bigger picture and get out of "the now" of life. Peace and Luv :) ~MissNV

Now Back to Live Action with what Fantasia had to say about the incident....

Fantasia: "I didn't have any fight in me. I didn't care about anything. I just wanted out," the American Idol winner, 26, tells VH1 in a new Behind the Music interview, airing 9 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday, the same day her new album, Back to Me, is released. "At that moment, I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with – all of it, all of that [expletive]."

She continues: "I just sat in the closet and looked at the mirror and took all the pills in the bottle. I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can't accidentally take a whole bottle of pills."

Make sure you set your TIVO/DVR tomorrow.... the show airs on VH1 Tuesday, 8/24/10 @ 9 p.m. EST
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Free Music Download - LUPE FIASCO "Go To Sleep"

Click Here to Download!

Lupe is at it again with his new single "Go To Sleep".....

Dope new music from Lupe Fiasco as we anticipate the long awaited Lasers album. However word on the street is that this track will be on the following album entitled Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. Check it out!

All Of Wu-Tang Performs "Triumph" In Its Entirety @ Rock The Bells In The Bay

Courtesy of VLADTV.com - Follow on Twitter - @djvlad

This weekend, Rock The Bells 2010 kicked off in the West Coast with shows in SF and LA. For those who couldn’t make it out, Peter Rosenberg was on the set to capture Wu-Tang rocking “Triumph” in its entirety, a treat for any Wu fan. Rest in peace ODB!!! They even had ODB's kid up their to represent for his pops. Great moment for hip-hop. Wu-Tang FOREVER!

Click here to View Footage

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is Nicki The Savior of Hip Hop?

Article Courtesy of Linkbucks.com  - http://108294c3.linkbucks.com/

According to a news report by the AP, Nicki Minaj has revived the female voice in rap. Even though her first album “Pink Friday” doesn’t drop until November, she has managed to saturate all aspects of hip hop and the billboard charts. In the past year alone, She has broken the record for female rap artists that have had the most Billboard Hot 100 entries in a single year (11 total) and has been nominated for both MTV & BET Awards (which she won).

An MTV article piggy backs off of this report with an article titled “Nicki Minaj Is Hot..But Just How Hot?” and some critics main concern is whether Nicki Minaj will make more records catered to her core “hip hop” audience versus crossover hits.
“Nicki’s flow is so creative that you can count on her delivering at least a few instant, easy-to-remember quotables, which is the key to having a successful verse on a pop or R&B song,” says Brendan Frederick, Deputy Editor at Complex Magazine. “[But] now she needs to drop a few hardcore records for the hip-hop base- like ‘I Get Crazy’ or ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’ from last year- and her buzz will definitely reach critical mass.”
Do you agree? Check out this video report with commentary from Ludacris & Queen Latifah

Los Vegas No Pen No Pad 2 Hosted By DJ B.BARNES

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Durham, North Carolina artist "Los Vegas" has the 919 buzzin’ after appearing in the first issue of The Music Plug. http://themusicplug.com/ - (Follow @TheMusicPlug919 on Twitter!)

Now he drops a certified classic No Pen No Pad 2 free of charge for the people. SUPPORT LOCAL HIP-HOP!!! HERE IT IS (DRUM ROLL)...............................No Pen No Pad 2 Hosted by DJ B. BARNES!!!

LOS VEGAS NO PEN NO PAD hosted by DJ B. BARNES - Download for free and share your feedback!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Fridays Charlotte – September 3, 2010 – Sunset Club, Charlotte, NC

Labor Day Weekend Kickoff & Virgo Celebration!!

I’m inviting you to First Fridays Charlotte!!

Click here for tickets! - http://www.ez-tixx.com/Static/info_ffsunset_event.html

NC!! It goes down Friday, September 3, 2010 in the "Queen City" Charlotte, NC!!! Dee Autry, Troy Veale and Thomas Washington will be doin it big for all my Virgos and Party People!!

Dee Autry | Troy Veale | Thomas Washington


Labor Day Weekend Kickoff & Virgo Celebration

Music by:

DJ Shaun Nyce

Date: Friday September 3, 2010
Time: 10:00PM

Venue: Sunset Club

1830 South Blvd

Charlotte, NC


General Admission - $10.00

Also for an Additional Price:
- Valet Parking
- Bottle Service
- Hookahs

- Kitchen Open til Midnight

Price subject to change

Ages: 21+ To Celebrate

25+ Preferred

Attire: Smooth*Sexy*Celebratory

Young Jeezy, “Dope Boy Swag” MP3 [Download]

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This post was written by: Chris Franco - Follow @CHRISFRANCO

Here’s another one of the stand out tracks from Young Jeezy’s latest mixtape. “Dope Boy Swag” features Jizzle talkin’ that ish over the instrumental to Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag”.

Stepped in smellin like some residue
More money in my jeans than you ever knew

Download: Young Jeezy, “Dope Boy Swag” - http://www.hiptics.com/2010/08/19/young-jeezy-dope-boy-swag-mp3-download/

Jay-Z Mentions Taylor Swift On Kanye West Power Remix

Article Courtesy of New Delhi Chronicle  -

20 August, 2010
Jay-Z Mentions Taylor Swift On Kanye West Power Remix, ready for download. West’s ‘Power’ makes its universe of fame, Jay–Z is to bless remake of first few verses of ‘Power’
After a week of his acclaimed remix show “Power,” Rapper Kanye West tweets out a link into the back stories of the remix. It appears that Kanye has called up Jay-Z to remake a couple of lines of his “Power” remix. Jay has expressed willingness to bless the remake of the first single of his album.

Kanye talked nothing about his “Power” remix telecast on last Friday. He never went on to tweet anything on the very weekend. It came out from him only after a week. Exactly telling, he tweeted early this morning at 1 a.m. EST. Until then, there appeared no link to download or stream the remix.
Instead a picture surfaced out showing Swizz Beatz Mos Def, and Kobe Bryant standing with Kanye in the studio. It is clear that Beatz is going to assist the rapper on the remix’s production.
Jay-Z is actually happy to work with Kanye to remake the single of his album. “Ye. Power to the people,” Jay says before reciting first verse of the album. “We are living in that 31st century/ Futuristic fly sh… The penthouse is the projects and everybody flies private,” Jay said. The Power remix portrayed the life in 31st century.
Yes, of course “Power” steering to new skies. The remix show has attracted millions of viewers. Kanye and all other behind the mammoth project can be boastful of it. “Now when I walk in, everybody do the ‘Power’ clap, clap, clap, clap. Fresh for the club, I just took a half an hour nap,” West says being much satisfied in the success of the show.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Granny Gets Down At Walmart - Sponsored Post

Granny Gets Down At Walmart - www.thefrisky.com
A little Friday Humor to start the weekend right! Too funny....

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Wale "Number Won" [VIDEO]

Wale is representing the DMV heavy! The South continues to prove it's presence in the indusrty!  http://www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=88985

Check out this new video for "Number Won"  - courtesy of XXL Magazine where it is considered a "BANGER" for good reason (http://www.xxlmag.com/ - follow on twitter @XXLStaff )

....let me know what you think of Wale's new video and/or share any comments.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eminem Hosting Red Bull EmSee Rap Battle in Detroit

Article courtesy of allhiphop.com -- #follow on twitter @AllHipHopcom

(AllHipHop News) Eminem is heading back to his old stomping grounds to host his own competition rap battle competition fashioned after the famous battle scenes in his hit movie 8 Mile.

The Detroit rapper will host a freestyle rap competition titled "Red Bull EmSee: The Road to 8 Mile National Finals" at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, one of the most legendary hip-hop venues in the country.The rap battle will be similar to those featured in Em's movie 8 Mile where he starred as "Rabbit," an up and coming Detroit rapper. The competition will feature eight rappers who emerged from regional battles in cities like New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Slaughterhouse, the hip-hop foursome that is rumored to be signing a deal with Eminem's Shady Records (and includes Detroit rapper Royce da 5'9 "), will also perform at the event.

During the final showdown, Em himself will determine the winner is slated to take place on August 26th and Tickets can be purchased for $8 from LiveNation.com.

In related news, Eminem’s most recent album Recovery has been certified double platinum by the RIAA after a summertime of airplay across the country.

Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Raekwon Collaboration Is In The Works

Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Raekwon Collaboration Is In The Works

Hip-hop heads, DJs and fans alike are buzzing about the Kanye West/Justin Bieber/Raekwon collaboration.

According to Rae himself, 'Ye and Bieber are currently en route to New York to make good on this weekend's Twitter love fest.

"Yall asked for it now we're gonna deliver," the Chef tweeted.

DJ Scream of Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 (and the region’s elite mixtape DJ) thinks that the collaboration could be huge.

"Even if it’s the wackest record ever created, it’s still a big record because you got the biggest pop star out right now, a hip-hop legend and a current hip-hop superstar. So you gotta at least give it a chance people. It could be the next big pop hit or it could be just a conversation piece."

He added, "I understand where the hip-hop purists might be coming from and I can imagine what their comments are. I wasn’t a big fan of the Kanye, Beyonce and Charlie Wilson record, but let’s hear it and if it’s garbage, then let’s talk about it then, but let them work."

Music journo Jozen Cummings calls the potential jam "a great look for music as a whole."

"Today's fan isn't as concerned about genres as they are about acts. As artists, they should be free to do what they want," he said.

But he’s still hoping that the song actually makes sense musically.

"I hope it sounds like something only Raekwon, Kanye, and Bieber can do. The last thing I want to hear is a verse from 'Ye, a verse from Rae, and Justin on the hook with a bridge. Any two rappers and a singer can do that. They need to make sure the song sounds as unique and different in the studio as it does on paper."

New York Hot 97’s DJ Bobby Trends says "I can see myself playing it on the radio…would love to hear [it] first…anyone can flop."

But, he knows it’s unlikely that this record will disappoint.

"I definitely think that this collaboration makes sense and can't wait to hear it. Three different generation artists together bring three different generation listeners…[I’m a] big Raekwon fan, I see Bieber’s hustle and whatever Kanye touches is usually spectacular!"

Kanye fan Christina Claire weighed in on twitter and is not feeling it at all. "I definitely don't want a song with Bieber, Raekwon and 'Ye!"

Others are more interested.

"I'm curious about how they'll mix," fan Tyrrea Glover said on Twitter. "But knowing Kanye, it'll probably just be a painting or something."

Article courtesy of MTV news by Bridget Bland (@missbridge)

Drake's 'Miss Me' Video, Featuring Lil Wayne, Premieres Thursday

Something is wrong with the video link on MTV News :(

"Drake and Lil Wayne's 'Miss Me' video is set to premiere Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Portions of the clip were filmed before Weezy began his yearlong prison sentence. (8.18.10)"

The clip was recorded in two sessions: one featuring Lil Wayne before the rapper turned himself in to start his yearlong prison sentence and another more recently in July as Drake put the finishing touches on the visual. The video is Drake's third overall from his debut album, Thank Me Later, following "Over" and "Find Your Love," both of which were directed by Anthony Mandler (Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna).

Earlier this year, Drake spoke with Sway prior to the kickoff of his Away From Home Tour and talked about his collaboration with Weezy.

"It's a pretty straightforward [song]," he told MTV News. "It's a song about being away from what you love and hoping that when you're gone, doing you, somebody out there misses you. It goes for Wayne in his situation and it goes for me in my situation, 'cause I'm on the road for I don't how long right now."

Originally, the song was slated as a collaboration between Bun B and Drake. But Wayne, perhaps with his then-impending jail term in mind, heard the record and wanted to join his protégé on the number.

After "Miss Me" debuts on MTV, the video will be featured on all of the MTV 360 channels, including MTV2, MTV Jams and MTV Hits.

Article courtesy of MTV news @ http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1646021/20100818/drake.jhtml#more